Krishna water dispute: Andhra gets max share of surplus quantity

New Delhi: Making a final decision on dividing the surplus water of River Krishna, the Krishna Water Dispute Tribunal today allocated the maximum share of water to Andhra Pradesh while also enhancing the share of Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Now, Andhra Pradesh will get 1,001 TMC, Karnataka 911 TMC and Maharashtra 666 TMC of water from the river. Earlier allocation was 811 TMC for Andhra PRadesh, 734 TMC for Karnataka and 585 TMC for Maharashtra.

The Tribunal headed by Justice Brijesh Kumar also allowed more water to be stored in the Almati Dam in Karnataka. With this order, 524 metres of the dam height could be used to store the Krishna water from its earlier 519 metre. The Centre will set up the Krishna Water Implementation Board after three months for implementation of the award.

"The states who want to file a review or seek explanation on the award can do so within the next three months," Justice Kumar told PTI.

It is understood that the award will be valid by May 31, 2050. Since the Tribunal has the force and decree of the Supreme Court, no appeal against the award can be filed in any other court except the tribunal itself.(PTI)

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