Krishna Vamsi Still Waiting for Balayya

Director Krishna Vamsi, known for creative and intellectual films said that he is still counting on the script of ‘Raithu’ and it will be done only with Balakrishna Nandamuri. It’s the star who has to give the nod.

Krishna Vamsi and NBK
Krishna Vamsi and NBK

After a terrible failure of ‘Nakshatram’, he didn’t sign any film as he planning the next one big and to get a break from the streak of flops he has been enduring since a decade. He was supposed to do ‘Raithu’ with Balayya and that should have been his 100th film.

But the film got shelved once Amitabh Bachchan rejected the role he was offered and Balayya lost the interest to carry forward the project. When a fan asked about this during an interactive session on Twitter, he said he still bets on the script of ‘Raithu’ and it has to be Balayya who should give a nod.

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