Krishna Apologizes to Tannishtha for Jokes on her Color

Krishna Abhishek, the host of popular show Comedy Nights Bachao, has now sought an apology from actress Tannishtha Chatterjee after she complained of jokes made on her skin color in the show.

Krishna Apologizes to Tannishtha
Krishna Apologizes to Tannishtha

Earlier, Tannishtha slammed the show via her Facebook post and called the show “blatantly racist” for finding humor in her dark skin tone. Even though Krishna didn’t felt the show intentionally made fun of her, he has finally apologized to her and said it was not a deliberate attempt.

“Comedy Nights Bachao show is of a roast format. We always meet the actors before they appear on our show, and I had asked her if she had seen the show earlier and if she was familiar with the roast concept. If she had seen our show beforehand, she wouldn’t have complained. If she feels offended, I apologize,” Krishna said, adding, “stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Varun Dhawan came on our show.”

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