Krish – Isha part of a Love Triangle!

Krish Sathar and hottie Isha Talwar are part of a love triangle – in a movie of course! Yes, the two young actors are pairing up in Kenny Fernandez’s God Bless You, which is a corporate love story of sorts, involving a love triangle. The third party here would be Priyal Gor, the actress who played Isha’s role in the Telugu version of Thattathin Marayathu.


God Bless You has a story which has never before been told in Malayalam cinema, claims the director. In fact, all the young stars confirmed that they were indeed lucky to have landed such unique roles which would challenge them as artists. Isha referred to the theme of the movie as something that is seldom approached in Mollywood movies as most people wouldn’t dare. Wonder what the hush, hush is about and hope it surprises the fans in due time.

Atleast, the corporate back drop against which this drama is set is sure to be authentic in conception – why? Because the writer is Benjith Baby Mylaadi, a real life corporate employee.

Kenny too is a debutant feature film director as he has only made ad films till date.

One really hopes the movie comes out well, with the rather different resumes of the makers of the movie working for them… not against them.

Krish Sathar also has the movie To Noora With Love coming out this May 1. So the actor is twice as excited these days.

To Noora With Love is the comeback movie for the talented and courageous starlet Mamta Mohandas, who is still battling cancer.

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