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Kotha Janta is about how extreme selfishness impairs the ability to experience others love towards us and to form meaningful relationships.

Allu Sirish and Regina Cassandra are with dreams of living a rich life and getting very successful in their careers. Selfishness is the dominant characteristic of both of them. They join on the same day in a TV Channel, Regina Cassandra(Heroine) takes charge as a creative head and hero works as a TV Channel producer. Their boss, gives them full freedom to run the channel and make it a success. Regina Cassandra(Heroine) comes up with an idea to host a programme called “Kotha Janta”, in which they create a platform for lovers who are having difficulty in getting married because of parents not accepting them because of caste, religion and other differences. For the first programme they live telecast the marriage of a very powerful politician’s daughter. The Politician threatens and waiting to take revenge on people responsible of his sisters marriage. Kotha Janta programme becomes a huge success in the state. Posani is a rich businessman fascinated about Regina and is a fan of her. Posani offers Sirish to start up another TV Channel, if the heroine is going to work for him. Heroine knowing the real intention of Posani, refuses the offer. Sirish is keen on getting the deal with Posani, pretends that he is in real love with her and tries to convince Heroine, to gain benefits with his selfish intensions. Heroine transforms, leaves her selfish nature and is in deep love with him. When Heroine learns about the true intentions of hero, she is shattered. Rest of the story is how heroine tries to teach him a lesson and how she makes the hero understand the feeling of love. And how hero accepted his mistake.

Director Maruthi failed to create his magic this time. The core idea of story is excellent but has failed to tell it well. Director lost the balance and commercial mix while trying to project Sirsh herosim and at the same time deliver much anticipated hilarious comedy of Maruti films. Screenplay suffered much when Director tried to satisfy all the demands.

Director has his famed team of comedians but they were not effectively used. Content of the comedy scenes is not great and did not work out well. At times we also get the feeling of watching Aha Kallyanam story line with a new cast and minor changes in the settings.

Allu Sirish perfectly suits the role, though his performance suffers. Regina Cassandra performed very well. Posani, Rao Ramesh, Tagubothu Ramesh, there is a plethora of talent casted in the film but they have not given enough space to perform.

Richard Prasad’s Cinematography is good and film looks grand.

Music and Background Score played a very important role in this film, Director used back ground songs with fantastic lyrics to effectively drive the story forward and to elevate the emotional content of the scenes. Ashok Kuruba Editing is great.

Maruthi small budget magic did not work this time for a 6 Crore film. Nothing much, except for a good story idea.

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