Koratla Shiva – NTR project on hold

After confirming the mega project of UTV Entertainment, directing none other than Prince Mahesh Babu, Koratala Shiva is on a roll. He was initially planning to do another film with NTR but now that project will be delayed. Koratala will be busy till mid next year with UTV’s first Telugu film starring Mahesh.

"As NTR is already doing a movie now and will finish it only in May, both of us decided to do it after my UTV movie with Mahesh", Shiva tweeted.

NTR Junior is currently busy with Kandireega Srinivas project, Rabhasa, expecting some magic to happen post a heavy failure with Harish Shankar’s Ramayya Vastavayya. It is crucial for NTR now to pick good projects that will deliver him hits. Shiva could be one of the men who can turn things around for him.

Koratala Shiva is now easily one of the top league directors, after his film with Prabhas, Mirchi, became a huge hit. It remains to be seen how Shiva handles his new project with Mahesh.

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