Kona Venkat’s Request To Kathi Mahesh

Mahesh Kathi has been busy interacting with several media houses about the mental abuse he is facing from Pawan Kalyan fans. Kona Venkat, the other day posted something against Mahesh to which Kathi also tweeted a counter. After Kathi Mahesh’s press meet, Kona Venkat once again tweeted requesting Kathi Mahesh to stay silent until 15th of this month.

Kathi Mahesh vs Kona Venkat
Kathi Mahesh vs Kona Venkat

“‘SILENCE IS A TRUE FRIEND WHO NEVER BETRAYS’ I request everyone to maintain Silence till 15th January. I request even Mahesh Kathi to maintain silence. going to any media house or using any platform to speak against fans or PK will spoil the attempt to bring peace.” tweeted Kona Venkat.

Kona Venkat’s tweet reveals that he is planning something to bring out a compromise between Kathi and Pawan Kalyan fans.

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