Kona Venkat on Bruce Lee and Sreenu Vaitla

Kona Venkat, this name has now become more popular and noted name in Tollywood film industry. Beginning his career as a dialogue writer, later on writing scripts for films and presently acting as a presenter for some crazy projects is what making him a trending personality in Telugu Film Industry.

Kona Venkat
Kona Venkat

He recently gave an interview to a popular media and replied to some questions of them.

While speaking about his role as a writer and presenter for some crazy films in Tollywood, Kona denies that he isn’t taking control over a section of Industry. “To take control one should have content. I am not controlling someone or anyone. I am controlling myself and revolving around the industry” said Venkat.

Speaking of the bad run of Bruce Lee, “Bruce Lee turned out to become an average flick. Few scenes that I have written weren’t included in the film. Maybe the director (Sreenu Vaitla) didn’t like it. At the end of the day, it’s his call.”

In the past, at the time of “Dookudu” the relation between Sreenu Vaitla and Kona Venkat got worsened. Although Kona wrote “Baadshah” dialogues, it was just because of Jr.NTR’s request. Once again these two worked together of “Bruce Lee” on the suggestion of Chiranjeevi. Speaking about his present relation with Sreenu Vaitla, Kona commented that “The relation between us is in a lost world. Can’t say whether it will come back or will vanish forever.”

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Speaking about his success in the industry, Venkat said that “No one is running after me. They are simply running behind my success. If Kona is not giving the success, they don’t bother you.”

He further clarified on his directorial path “If I become a director I will direct one film a year. If I stay as a writer, I can easily manage five to seven films a year. By doing so, I will earn more money than directing a film. I prefer staying as a writer.”

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