Kona Venkat Attacks Srinu Vaitla

Well, as they say, there are no permanent friends or enemies in the film industry.
For now, there are enemies who were friends earlier. That’s right! We’re talking about Kona Venkat and


Srinu Vaitla who were best friends earlier.

During the making of ‘Baadshah’, the duo got into ugly brawls as a lot of differences had popped up between the two. Later, it was more or less official that the duo had parted their ways following these ugly and irreconciable differences.

Kona Venkat has given a new twist to the story by attacking Srinu Vaitla.

Aagadu Teaser trailer has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Kona Venkat took to twitter to attack Srinu Vaitla.

“Few people keep their work aside and focus more on others. Those are the ones who get out of focus soon.”, tweeted Kona Venkat.

Kona’s tweet came soon after Srinu Vaitla’s teaser got released,fuelling ongoing speculations that all is not well between the duo

The tweet is a direct attack on the ‘Aagadu’ teaser as Mahesh Babu is seen taking a dig at punch-liners which are stereotypes of Telugu Cinema.

Srinu Vaitla has not yet hit back at Kona Venkat for this. But it only remains to be seen if Kona Venkat can get away with this one that easily!

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