Komaram Puli Review

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

It is…

The return of the SJ Suryah and Pawan Kalyan duo with a slight alter, this time the film was tedious, dull, draggy and all else unlike their collaboration in 2001.


The plot…
The bore kicks off with Saranya (the wife of a missing cop) complaining about her husband’s where abouts. And when she tries to run away from the cops who try to shut her up, she ends up in a temple and starts demanding God for answers. Answers regarding the lives of sincere cops, will You ever show up? etc. Just then she realizes that the answer is in her womb.

That fetus grows on to become Komaram Puli. The high jumping, monologing and chopper hanging Pawan Kalyan (seems like the whole family’s obsessed with hanging on to helicopters). With the help of the government Puli sets up his own force to take up any complaints regarding cops not attending properly to the complaints of the common man (we’ve already seen this in a bunch of Shankar movies SJ, and the way you shot it was even more annoying). This, that, this, girl, songs, fights, monologues, punch scenes, dons, twists and desperate attempts at humor fill in for the rest of the tiring 3 hours. Though there was a ‘bit’ happening with the screenplay, I wouldn’t want to write about that and create an interest which might make you wanna watch the film.


The Actors…
Pawan Kalyan was the only attraction now and then.


As for the new comer (Nikisha Patel), another film – another porn star.


What was slightly enjoyable?
The tempo of the film seemed like it was gonna pick up in a few instances, but, somehow never made it.


What went wrong (terribly)?
The screenplay is halfhearted from start to end. And what the film didn’t have on paper, it tried to make up for in fancy and unsuccessful visual presentation.


Nikisha Patel had this amazing capability to brake hard on the film’s pace whenever it seemed lime picking up a bit of pace (unfair, can’t blame the pretty lady. Blame the writers).


MONOLOGUES. For the first time Pawan kept on talking for long minutes and without the whole rich ‘first day’ atmosphere, they would ____ even more. Even other characters (like the mother’s) had these lengthy monologues. They were so damn long that you can fall asleep, wake up and doze off again; all before one of these things end.


Enter at your own risk.

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