Kollywood furious over Sri Lankan insults!!

The issue of the release of the Tamil fishermen being held captive in Sri Lanka have been brewing for some time now and it was a welcome relief for everyone when Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitha, referred to with respect as Amma or Thalaivi, moved for a definite action in this regard.


The Sri Lankan Government’s responses included however, some insulting remarks against the popular leader on their Foreign Ministry’s website. Following a furore that spread through all levels of the Government in Tamil Nadu here and at the Indian Consulates in Sri Lanka, the objectionable portions were removed, but the damage unfortunately had been done.

Kollywood stars who enjoy immense fan bases have come out in protest against the Sri Lankan Government and their actions. This spells trouble as politics and the film industry are tied together rather intricately in Tamil Nadu where mass popularity is simply that, whether you are a politician or a movie star.

Actors like Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay and Suriya have come forward quite vocally in fact for this cause.

At a protest outside the Sri Lankan consulate yesterday in Chennai, Vijay spoke his heart out against the deplorable attitude of the Sri Lankan Government.

“An insult to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (Amma) is like an insult to my own mother,” Said the actor at the end of a speech that had the audience of protesters in a frenzy.

The stars, among many others are demanding that the Sri Lankan consulates in Tamil Nadu and Delhi be shut down immediately as a show of the solidarity of the Indian Union against their insults.

It is to be noted that Vijay’s upcoming movie Kaththi was facing protests because the production company involved, Lyca Productions, were accused of having ties with the Sri Lankan Preisdent Mahinda Rajapakse – the man blamed for the war crimes and atrocities against Tamils in Sri Lanka.

The Kaththi team staunchly denied these allegations and met with leading Tamil activists from Sri Lanka to clear the air. Well, in light of this new scenario, that’s accomplished now without a shadow of a doubt one might say!

The days to come sure look like they will be eventful to say the least…

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