Koffee with Karan: Parineeti and Alia talk like brats

The recent episode of Koffee with Karan saw young hotties Parineeti Chopra and Alia Bhatt come take the hot seat. The celebrated show hosted by Karan Johar saw the two ladies known for their talents and potential share some views about everything and share. However, contrary to the intelligent quotient that the two carry outside, the show saw Parineeti and Alia act like total brats on the show.


The two girls struck off a certain camaraderie; that allows in a pinch of salt typically seen among girlfriends. Dressed in pretty evening gowns to beat the heat and add the same to their fans in front of the couch, both Parineeti and Alia made some sensational statements for K Jo’s witty questionnaire that is ever tricky.

When asked about how they would react if a senior actor made a pass at them, Parineeti quipped “Depends on who it was” and also added that she would say “yes to everything” for Saif Ali Khan.

When asked if she had expressed this to Saif, Parineeti stated that she did in fact and that Kareena was not averse to the statements made on a lighter note.

Alia, on the other hand, showed off her upper hand with her Student of The Year co-stars Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra. She said that “they may love Parineeti, but they love me more”, making Parineeti gape with embarrassment.

Parineeti was her bubbly self on the rapid fire round. When asked about how would she react to people commenting on her weight, she replied “wait and watch’ and when questioned about people commenting on fashion sense, she retorted “ask Alia’, making the latter gush in return. The actress with a following also won the hamper!

The two actresses literally indulged themselves on the show like little brats of Bollywood. The testimonial made by Priyanka Chopra and Mahesh Bhatt on an audio visual saw them compliment the potential the girls carry and the long way ahead for them in Bollywood.

Overall, it was fun to get a taste of both the darling girls of Bollywood in a different way!

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