Kodandarami Reddy’s Apology to Chiru

Veteran director Kodandarami Reddy has apologized to megastar Chiranjeevi for his recent criticizing remarks.

Reddy, who has directed Chiru in the most number of films, had a few days ago, in an interview, said that people would not encourage if Chiranjeevi does message oriented movies. He even advised Chiru to make action and comedy films. His comments didn’t go well with mega fans, and it became a big controversy.

Kodandarami Reddy and Chiranjeevi
Kodandarami Reddy and Chiranjeevi

Unlike the contemporary film and political celebrities who complain against media of doctoring their statements, Reddy has accepted his mistake and offered an apology to Chiru, the makers of Chiru’s 150th film and mega fans. He added that until he had read his statements in newspapers and websites the day after, he didn’t realize what he was saying.

Reddy’s apologetic action is receiving appraisal from mega fans.

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