Ko Antey Koti Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

Kinds of directors: The sure in the head commercial directors, directors that start their films with quotes about friendship or fatherly bond, the ones making the B comedies and of late we’ve gotten to watch directors who are educated in the academic sense and really believe they can pull of a Guy Ritchie. Anish Kuruvilla belongs to the last sort, he’s got the ambition, but, not the talent, not for this kind of a film at least.


Ko Ante Koti is the story of Vamsi (Sarvanand), a thief, more precisely a building climber (that’s what they said in the movie) who is fed up of the thieving life and wants to get away from it. Just then, Maya Master (Sri Hari) offers him a big loot. Much against his will he agrees to join the gang of Maya, Chitti (the one who takes care of the alarms) and PC (the fat guy/muscle).

The plan is to rob a private locker where a bunch of rich people keep their unaccounted money. And also part of the plot is inspector Ranjit Kumar who knows about the gang’s plan, but, doesn’t know when it’ll go down.

The film takes us through a series of flashbacks, minor flashbacks for introducing the characters and a longer one for the girl (Sathya played by Priya Anand). Sathya works for an NGO that performs social awareness plays in many towns and villages. She finds Vamsi on the river bank one day, bloody and unconscious. Being the cute leading lady she saves him and being the hero our man falls in love with her.

After many difficulties the loot does happen, but, things go haywire when Maya gets greedy and tries to kill the rest of the gang. Vamsi gets out alive and decides to just go back to Sathya and then there was another Sathya-Vamsi flashback that was fused into the film and this was where one kind of loses track of which happened first and what’s happening now.

Experimental without quality

The film’s cinematography was experimental, but, inconsistent in quality. Adding to the film’s patchy dialogues is the over enthusiastic score which is one of the major causes of distress when watching it.

More than anything else, it was Sarva’s stone face that killed the film for me. Now I understand that it takes a real actor to look good in jump cuts the film tried. He for me redefined the angry young man, if you know to smoke and look awkwardly angry, you are in.


If one can make it through the first half, the rest of the film might become bearable. One of those film where you say “at least they tried”, but, they need to try harder on paper before they experiment with the rest of the craft.

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