Do You Know What Hero Venkatesh’s Children Doing Now?

Victory Venkatesh is currently very much busy preparing for his next film in the direction of Teja. Venkatesh is a senior hero in the Telugu film industry who always try to come up with interesting projects. Every one of us know about him as a hero but no one of us have witnessed the father in him. We heard that he encourages his children to take up whatever they have interest in.

Venkatesh Daughters
Venkatesh Daughters

As per the recent media reports, Venkatesh’s eldest daughter Ashrita recently completed a professional course in baking, and she is planning to start a cookies business. People can get cookies at Rama Naidu Studios as she already erected stalls for the same. She is planning to expand her business now. His second daughter Hayavahini is attracting the attention of all with her achievements as an Athlete. His third daughter Bhavana and son Arjun are busy with the studies.

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