Do you know the budget of Ajith’s Vivegam?

The range of South Indian films has been changed in the past few years. Budgets increased, and market expanded moreover collections are also increased. Star heroes are seriously planning to increase their market with new strategies. Whether it is a Telugu film or Tamil the minimum budget of a star hero is around Rs. 70-80 crore now.


Films like Baahubali have proved that hundreds of crores can be invested on regional films and it can be recovered. If budget exceeds Rs.100 crore for ordinary commercial films it is difficult to recover. But the budget of Tamil hero Ajith’s new film ‘Vivegam’ is said to be Rs.120 crore. ‘Vivegam’ is one the high budget films in South India after ‘Baahubali’.

Vivek Oberoi, who is playing the villain role in the film has recently spoken about ‘Vivegam’. He has revealed that the budget is Rs. 120 crore. When he was asked whether he is doing a negative role in the film he said that he will not reveal whether it is positive or negative role but it has equal importance with the hero. ‘Vivegam’ is releasing on August 11.

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