“I knew my talent would succeed in the end” – Prithviraj

Prtihviraj is the hottest young star in Malayalam cinema and with good reason as even his latest flick, 7th Day has been a success like the ones in recent past. After a lot of controversy surrounding him and media and sections of the fan community itself attacking him for some hasty remarks and straightforward attitude, the sun is definitely shining on the actor these days – with good movies and of course, his impending parenthood!


It was quite recently that Prithvi announced through a Facebook fan page that his wife Supriya and he were expecting a baby. It was the same social media that turned out to be his hate platform in the years past when the attacks got personal and vicious.

“I feel the same way about it now as I did then. I don’t spent time wondering why all that happened then or why it doesn’t now. I’m basically the same person, though I may have had maturity have its effects on me with age,” Prithviraj says.

“I don’t know if marriage changed me either. Is there a distinction in character classified as before and after marriage? I don’t think so. If indeed having a family of my own has changed me, it is for others to decide.” He added.

Prithvi, who started off in the industry at the young age of 18 is now 31. He doesn’t believe in giving regular interviews about his life as he argues the fans already do know everything about him – his parents and brother were or are currently working in the cinema field as actors. Therefore, he grew up in the public eye and continues to live the same way.

There is also the obvious approach he took, of not giving many interviews and staying away from the media, after his words in the media prior to that became the reason for the hate fest against him.

Instead, the actor chose to make good movies and be picky about his roles; this was a fateful plan and soon the actor’s popularity skyrocketed and made him the superstar he is today.


“I knew through all the dark times that whatever people thought of my personality or what was misconstrued as arrogance on my part, would all eventually take a backseat to my talent. My skills as an artist would shine through in the end and it did.” Prithvi said when asked about the failures and controversies of the past.

The ever busy actor and soon to be dad is now busy with multiple projects including Tamaar Padaar, Picket 43 and shortly Saptamshri Taskaraha.

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