Kittu Unnadu Jagratha Review – Raj Tarun’s funniest movie which fails to entertain

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

Becoming an actor in this biggest film industry is almost impossible for someone who don’t have any family background in film industry. Talent either won’t help unless you have luck. Luck is what gives you an entry into the industry. There are many who came into with luck and cemented their position with their talent and hard work like NTR, ANR, Krishna, Chiranjeevi, Ravi Teja, Nani and many others including Raj Tarun who joined as an assistant director and went on to become a hero in Uyyala Jampala which changed the course of his life and given him a new life as hero. He then acted in some entertaining films and now become a known face for the audience. He is now coming with a new film titled “Kittu Unnadu Jagratha” under the direction of Vamsi Krishna who earlier directed Dongata. Let’s see how it works on us.


Raj Tarun in Kittu Unnadu Jagaratha
Raj Tarun in Kittu Unnadu Jagaratha

Kittu (Raj Tarun) and his friends run a car garage and they live happily until Raj Tarun falls in love with Janaki (Anu Emmanuel). It all begins when accidentally Janaki forget cash in their garage and one of Kittu’s friend runs away with that 25 lakhs cash. To compensate the cash Raj tarun and his friends put up their savings and borrows an amount of 15 lakhs from Prabhakar with a high interest rate. To repay that loan which is impossible with the work they do in garage, they decide to kidnap pets and start demanding money from their owners. Kittu and Janaki breaks up when she gets to know about his dog kidnappings through a friend. How they unite again? Does Kittu stop kidnapping dogs? This forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Raj Tarun is good as Kittu. He tried his best to engage the audience and make us laugh but failed. His story selection is being questioned with the type of subjects he is doing off late. Anu Emmanuel is okay in her role as Janaki and she has nothing to do. Arbaaz Khan is good in his half baked role so as Nagababu. Prudhvi is hilarious in every movie he did except for this. Prabhakar is okay. Sudharshan Reddy and Praveen are okay as friends of Raj Tarun. All others did their part well in the view of makers.

Writing Department

A still from KUJ
A still from KUJ

Story of this Kittu Unnadu Jagratha is simple and silly at times when given thought about it. Screenplay is so flat and dis interesting. Dialogues are okay.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by music director Anoop Rubens are okay and no song has come out well and entertain audience on screen. His background score is okay and good at times. Cinematography is regular and has nothing new to talk about and editing is just okay as the movie has a lot to do. Production values are good.


  • Production Values


  • Screenplay
  • Characterisations
  • Music by Anup Rubens

Kittu unnadu jagratha starts off with a kidnap of dog in a funny way as well as introduction of Arbaaz Khan. From the very beginning itself audience gets a view of a routine and formulaic screenplay which has nothing great to excite about. Raj Tarun and Anu Emmanuel’s love story starts in a flashback mode and it goes on with a mediocre screenplay and not so great writing backed up by super emotional (which we ought to consider) performances. Second half is slightly better than the first half and offers nothing new. Raj Tarun who is a promising young actor who acted in a couple of entertaining films seem to be gotten into a line of formulaic movies. He should reinvent himself by choosing movies which give him showcase his acting potential as well as his uniqueness. Director Vamsi Krishna dealt this movie in an amateur way and failed to cater what we expect or excite about. To sum up, Kittu Unnadu Jagratha is the silliest and funny movie Raj Tarun did which fails to entertain.

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