“Kissing is not a big deal”

Mexican beauty Barbara Mori, who makes her Bollywood debut with ‘Kites’, says she finds the melodrama and song-dance sequences of Hindi films "funny yet fascinating". She is also amazed at the brouhaha kissing scenes generate in India.

"I knew nothing about Bollywood when ‘Kites’ came to me. Rakesh Roshan (producer) and Anurag Basu (director) narrated the script to me and the only thing I felt was that this was such a different film," Barbara, who will be seen as Hrithik Roshan’s love interest in ‘Kites’, said.

"Then I saw some Bollywood films and realised there’s a lot more dancing and singing than we have in Mexico. I found it funny in the beginning.

"There was a scene where Hrithik is supposed to have blood on his body, then there were these singing and dancing sequences – it was a little funny, yet I was quite fascinated. Now I look forward to more Bollywood movies," she added.

The 32-year-old is on her third visit to India ever since her association with ‘Kites’, to be released by Reliance BIG Pictures May 21.

Another aspect of Bollywood that amazes Barbara is the brouhaha over kissing and intimate scenes.

"I respect what culture is followed in each country just as I respect the culture in my own place. The culture in Indian films is different. There I can show nudity, at least partly if not fully. And kissing is not a big deal. But here somehow it’s a big thing. That was quite amazing.

"In fact, before beginning to shoot ‘Kites’, I told Hrithik, ’We’re kissing many times in the script, won’t it be a problem in your country?’ He said ‘Yeah, but things are more open now’.

"I have heard Anurag Basu has made some really good bold movies and I feel kissing must be okay now in Bollywood," said Barbara who is totally kicked about the release of ‘Kites’ next month.

"This is a very different movie, the first biggest movie I have done, my first English movie and the first action movie for me… I never imagined shooting in Bollywood…it has been so exciting.

"I really love the story. From the beginning, when I met Anurag Basu and Rakesh Roshan in Los Angeles, I felt really touched to see such a different love story – that of a Mexican and Indian falling in love without any language barrier," she said.

Unlike most other foreign actors who are expected to deliver dialogues in Hindi, Barbara was lucky as her character had to speak in Spanish and English only.

But she was petrified of doing underwater scenes. "Underwater scenes we shot in the Maldives. They were very complicated and tough. Water, sea… I don’t like! Still we had to put oxygen masks, go underwater and act. For me, that was a big thing. It was difficult, but I sailed through…," she said.

She says Hrithik gave immense support throughout the shooting.

"Hrithik has been a superb co-star. He is a great actor and has delivered some very good performances. I have seen some of his movies. I don’t remember their names but I really liked some. I specifically liked the one in which he plays a soldier… what’s that called? Ummmm….’Lak’…’ Lakshya’," said Barbara.

She also said that Hrithik taught her Hindi. "I taught a bit of Spanish to Hrithik and he taught me some Hindi…but all the bad words!"

Barbara will be returning to Mexico Saturday and says she definitely wants to come back in time for the film’s release.(IANS)



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