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Rating: 1.00/5

Critic Rating: (1.00/5)

Sitting through this film was probably the politest thing I’ve done in a long while, it’s hard to be polite to someone who is such a pompous bore. This is Adivi Sesh’s second time as writer, director and protagonist and with a past like ‘Karma: Do You Believe?’ I’m pretty sure he’s not getting any honest feedbacks about his skill set. We can kind of blame his brother with his equally agonizing projects. 

The highly personal, honest, cute and rhyming voice over of Priya (played by Priya Banerji): It’s been almost 10 years since we moved to the US. My dad is rich but he’s still kind of conservative, won’t let me go out sleeveless and all. My mom loves me, but, she’s scared of dad. An uncle of mine lives with us. This is my life dot dot dot, exclamation exclamation, three different kinds of emoticons. 

So there is Priya, young and beautiful, but, restricted.

Sesh the screenwriter: “She gets her acceptance letter from Oxford and lets intercut between that and her parents setting up her marriage. She thinks freedom finally, her parents are arranging for a cage, the contrast, brilliant, just brilliant, can’t believe I just came up with that, just like that”

So Priya is devastated, she doesn’t want to marry already, so she decides to kill herself. Drives to a cliff, about to jump, almost did, Seenu (Adivi Sesh) glides in out of nowhere, pulls her off the cliff, slo-mo etc. “I can’t believe I singlehandedly conceived, directed and acted in this scene, and it’s my entrance, has to be epic, hell I’ve made ‘Karma: Do You Believe’ and starred in it, nothing but epicness interests me anymore”

And hence met the epic lovers who will fall epicly in love with each other before 24 hours, doing the same shit every other couple in a boy girl Telugu film had done over the years. And like most of those boys and girls they have a violent antagonist of sorts, it’s the girl’s fiancée. 

KISS is the kind of film that should be stuck in a lab because nobody would come forward to distribute such an amateurishly tiresome film with one of the most dreadful casting.

Reviewed by Rohit

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