Kiss is no more a commercial element!!

‘Kiss’, the commercial element which used to be seen quite regularly in English movies is now the most common element in Indian films. Once upon a time, ‘Kiss’ used to be one of the most toughest onscreen acts. Heroines used to fear about their identity and their respect in the public, if they think of signing ‘Kiss’ related flick.


But now, ‘Kiss’ became a common element in Indian films. Not just in Bollywood, this commercial element came down to the South Indian film industries. Even few traditional looking heroines are coming forward to sign on kissing scenes, provided the film or the character should demand them to do that act.

As ‘Kiss’ became quite common in Indian films, it can no more be considered as a commercial element. In near future, censor board too may include ‘Kiss’ as ‘U’ rated content. Looks like, western culture of ‘you can kiss in public but shouldn’t piss in public’ is going to enter India soon. What do you say folks?

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