Kireeti’s Remuneration For Bigg Boss

Kireeti Dhamaraju is the person who was evicted from the Bigg Boss house in the third week. Apparently, he has participated in a lot of interviews in multiple Telugu news channels and spoke a lot of things that happened in the house.

Kireeti Remuneration
Kireeti Remuneration

Kireeti has recently opened up about the remuneration that he has received in the Bigg Boss house. Interestingly, Kireeti was signed for the TV show for 6 lakhs remuneration and after the deduction of tax, he is going to get 4 lakhs 60 thousand.

It looks like Kireeti has made some decent amount in the Bigg Boss house. The fourth week is going on in an interesting manner and it is still a suspense about who might be out of the TV show in the fourth week.

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