Kiran seeks intelligence feedback on himself

HYDERABAD: Chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy has reportedly sought feedback from the intelligence wing on the functioning of his government.

According to informed sources, Reddy wanted a report detailing the mistakes committed by his government in the six months since he took over as chief minister.

This move appears to be the fallout of the impression that his is a regime in drift.

Interestingly, the report was commissioned just around the time AICC general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad came to Hyderabad to hear partymen on setting things right.

But police officials are clueless on the aspects that need to be touched upon in the report. The intelligence wing in any government works for the chief minister and briefs him on who’s doing what but this is a rare occasion of a leader expressly seeking a report.

In private talks as well as in party circles, ministers and functionaries have been pouring out a long list of complaints. Primary among them are: a) Kiran Kumar Reddy is yet to come to grips with the administration; b) his peshi is as divided as the Congress itself and thereby not acting as a perfect link between the CMO and other important departments resulting in huge pendency of files; c)there is considerable delay in looking into representations given by party legislators; d) public appearances of chief minister are few; e) the Cabinet is not giving the picture of a team that works collectively and f) the government is failing to take credit even for the few good things that it has done.

Party leaders have also been remarking that the first thing that Kiran Kumar Reddy should attempt is a complete make-over for himself: one who is seen as the captain of a team, capable of quick and right decisionmaking and present an aggressive posture, particularly in the context of now having to face not just one Opposition party but two — TDP and Jagan Mohan Reddy.

But whether these inputs have already reached the chief minister or will anyone make an attempt to do it remains to be seen.(ENS)

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