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Critic Rating: (3.25/5)

The last big movie of the year 2008 arrived today. The expectations have been big on this film for several reasons. The most vital factor that boosted up expectations is the direction by Srinu Vaitla who made big hit ‘Ready’ this year. Let us see how far the film reached expectations.
King alias Chandra Pratap Varma (Nag) is the son of Raja Varma (Sobhan Babu). He becomes the heir of a large estate fatre the death of his father, where his uncles and aunts also live with him along with mother (Geeta). King faces a peril in the form of Swapna (Mamata Mohandas). That stands up to be a suspense element in the narration. Who is Swapna and why she becomes a danger point for King? What happens to King?
On the other hand Sravani (Trisha), an aspiring singer catches the eye of a guy whose name is Bottu Seenu (Nag), a goonda. What’s the link between Bottu Seenu and King? That forms another layer in the film.
And last but not least, Sravani falls in love with a software engineer Sridhar (Nagarjuna). Is there any link between Sridhar, Bottu Seenu and King other than the similarities in looks? That’s another layer all together.
‘Gnan anna’ aka Gnaneshwar (Srihari) portrayed the role of Sravani’s brother.
Rest to be watched on screen to unleash this knot.
Nagarjuna’s magnitude is seen fully on silver screen. His grace pulled the attention of entire audiences. It sounds a wonder to know he is 50 now. There are no signs of that age on his face or body and he is looking 20 years younger to what actually the time claims. His performance in three different shades is hilarious and entertaining. He left his starry airs aside and performed up to the role as demanded (like getting bruises from Brahmanandam). That should inspire many younger heroes as well. And coming to dances, he has performed in his trade mark style.
Trisha is with full of elegance and the credit should be given to costume designer and cinematographer. She hasn’t exposed anything big but touched the senses of audiences.
Mamata Mohandas looked voluptuous and witch-like as per the demand of the role. She once again proved her mettle as complete artiste with own voice for dubbing.

And coming to the most publicized eight-heroine song, except Genelia everybody looked hot (Anushka), romantic (Trisha), lovely (Priyamani), refined (Kamna), sexy (Mamata Mohandas), spicy (Sneha Ullal) and chubby (Charmy). The costumes used for Genelia are inferior when compared to others in that song. That made the difference.
Brahmanandam once again tickled the audiences with his role as music director Jaya Surya. He has been the vital factor in Srinu Vaitla’s films since ‘Dhee’.
Master Bharat also brought laughs with his role but that is not in the length of his role in ‘Ready’. He justified in a small role in this film.
Jayaprakash Reddy also made his presence well with his Rayalseema style of dialogues. Sayaji Shinde and Krishna Bhagawan also portrayed in their trade mark style on negative side.
Sri Hari deserves very good mention in this flick. He worked really well as supporting artiste. He portrayed action and comedy in right doses. His hilarious role will be remembered as Painter Gnaneshwar for sure.
Coming to technical aspects, cinematography by Moorella Prasad is fantastic. The costume designer also deserves great mention. And the story writers Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan once again grooved in their names for the characters of Sayaji Shinde and Krishna Bhagawan, like they did with their earlier films.
All in all, this Srinu Vaitla’s show although inspired from different films (Chandramukhi, Chandralekha, Shankaradada Zindabad etc….), stands to be unique and a wholesome family entertainer.
The movie takes different twists and turns but no where strains the audiences. A laugh is promised at every 10 minutes on an average. Although the length of the movie seems to be long in second half, audiences don’t get bored. Even the songs made the audiences sit in theaters by the blend of their right music and interesting choreography as well as costumes.
First half runs with ample humor while second half too does the same with added comedy.
Many films start rolling on mind’s screen while watching this flick and that should be understood as parody-like inspiration by the director.
Interesting Comedy Tracks:
Srihari’s painting episodes
Brahmanandam-Trisha casting couch
TV Show with Brahmanandam
Nagarjuna’s Chandralekha and Chandramukhi parody
Best Scenes:
Bullet scene (although inspired from Hollywood flick ‘Wanted’)
Action sequences
It’s a wholesome entertainer from Srinu Vaitla but here is one suggestion for him. He should change the style by not incorporating similar elements like that of his ‘Ready’ and ‘Dhee’. There is risk as people may get bored watching similar comedy tracks again and again. The movie undoubtedly appeals for masses and entertains families.[source:greatandhra]

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