Kim Sharma and Yuvraj Singh in touch again

Not too long ago Kim Sharma was said to be dating Australian singer Carlos Marin. The petite actress’ PR machinery kept sending handouts on how she was spending time listening to Carlos sing. However, there is an interesting twist in the tale. Kim and ex-boyfriend Yuvraj Singh are supposedly getting in touch yet again. Just a while ago, Kim and Yuvi were frequently posting messages on a popular networking site.

Although the two weren’t interacting much at formal occasions, the cricketer is trying to make amends. In fact, Yuvraj also made sure that all his posts were deleted before anyone saw them, as he felt his connection with her is already quite jinxed. Not only that, during a recent party when they met accidentally, Yuvi could not bear to see her chatting with other men. Even though they didn’t come to the party together, they left the venue together.

Keeping in mind that her relationship status on a social networking site is ‘not single anymore’, we can only wonder what’s cooking?

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