Killing Veerappan Review – As Interesting as a late night RGV tweet

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Filmmakers and audience are going crazy over making biopics as films. Makers are always in a constant search of true stories. Be it from Gandhi to latest Mary Kom, every film is well appreciated by audience and critics as well. Ram Gopal Varma, who always stays in limelight with his late night tweets and his movies is now back with Killing Veerappan based on a smuggler and dacoit Veerappan starring Sandeep Bharadwaj playing the titular role and Shivrajkumar playing cop, who killed Veerappan. Let’s see how it works on audience.

A Still from Killing Veerappan
A Still from Killing Veerappan


As we all know, Killing Veerappan movie is all about finding and taking down Veerappan by a cop. An Operation named “Operation Cocoon” was launched by Tamil Nadu State Task Force to nab and kill Veerappan who killed 187 innocent people and 97 policemen and even his own daughter to escape from police men. How an intelligent and vigorous superintendent of police(Shivraj Kumar) plans to kill Veerappan(Sandeep Bharadwaj) by bringing him out of forest and the moves he take to take down Veerappan and also the love story of Veerappan forms the story.

Writing Department

Ram Gopal Varma is the writer of this movie. He has cleverly used what he know about Veerappan and gets audience glued to screen throughout the movie with his screenplay. Dialogues are natural and are written, what exactly require for the scenes. RGV has written nothing but his notes of extensive and thorough research about Veerappan in a cinematic way to entertain audience.

Cast and Performance

Dr Shivraj Kumar, who is known as Karunada Chakravarthy (as per Wikipedia), debuted into Tollywood with this dubbed version of Killing Veerappan, has given a very finest and bombastic performance throughout the movie. As a mastermind, intellect and vigourous cop he excelled in his role. But the show stealer of the movie is absolutely Sandeep Bharadwaj, who played the titular role. Credit definitely goes to makeup man Vikas Gaikwad and director Ram Gopal Varma for making him a copy of Veerappan and giving him a convincing look. He is very good in his mannerisms. Yagna Shetty, who played the role of Veerappan’s wife is nice and emotes well. Parul Yadav is very good in her role as an assistant as well as informer to police. National Award-winner Sanchari Vijay and other actors Rajesh Nataranga, Gadda Vijay and many others have given their best performances in this intriguing action thriller.


Klling Veerappan Photos
Klling Veerappan Photos

Technical Departments
Music by Ravi Shanker is an average attempt. All songs seem to be heard before in RGV’s Raktha Charithra, Bezawada and various other movies. Background music by Sandy Keys gives necessary elevation and required depth to the scenes. Director of Photography, Ramee, did a fantastic job. Visuals look stunning and shows movie in a super good way. Editing by Anwar Ali is perfect. Action choreographed by Allan Ameen is superb. Art direction by Raghu Kulkarni is excellent. Production values are nice.


Ram Gopal Varma’s direction
Shivraj Kumar & Sandeep Bharadwaj


Songs seem to be heard before


Movie started with police planning to nab Veerappan with the help of Veerappan’s village people and a 2-3 minute long reverse plan by Veerappan. First half of the movie is engaging with the plans of police and reverse plans of Veerappan and his marriage story. It ends on a interesting note with a failure plan of police. Theatre roars with the entry of Sandeep Bharadwaj as Veerappan. Scenes where Shivraj Kumar talking with Muslim Don and where Shreya (Parul Yadav) sees Veerappan escaping gets thumping response from the audience. Second half is as interesting as a late night tweet from Ram Gopal Varma. Seeing from camera angles to dialogues of the movie anyone can simply say RGV is back to form with Killing Veerappan. Finally movie is as interesting as a late night RGV tweet.

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