Kill Dil Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Kill Dil Review: An entertaining affair

One will kill for Pyaar, one for Dil, one for Dosti and one would kill for Paisa! And amidst all the killing, blossoms a love tale of Dev and Disha. Two orphans, Dev (Ranveer) and Tutu (Ali), sheltered by Bhaiyaji (Govinda) have been doing some mean killing all their lives, at the command of their father-like figure. But it is until Disha steps into Dev’s life and everything for him goes for a toss. This basically sums up the flick.

But if you are thinking what’s in it for you? Then wait! The film has some seriously ‘killer’ dialoguebaazi, dumdaar acting and engaging flow of events. Plus Ranveer and Ali look really dapper in those leather jackets. The film is high on drama which is subtle and isn’t over the top. Govinda’s seasoned acting, Ranveer’s infectious energy, Ali’s good looks and Parineeti’s freshness; all this will make you sit through the movie without uneasiness.

Star Performances:

Govinda in the shoes of Bhaiyaji is a show stealer. His act is put up so well and you are in awe of his very finespun portrayal. Bhaiyaji has many shades to his personality, but the darker ones glisten over the layers. He is shrewd, no-nonsense man but on the same level he is kind and mean simultaneously. Chi Chi has showcased a really mature act and is sure to bask in the glory of this role.

The energy Ranveer Singh brings to the film is inexpressible in words. He ups the whole film with his nonchalant persona. With every role Ranveer dons, you might want to laud for his fortitude. He can rack up any role that is given to him efficaciously. He easily slips under the skin of his devil-may-care Dev, and it was not until he fell in love with Disha he wanted to lead a better life.

Ali as Tutu is real cute. He is that friend who backs up his mate for anything in the world and will also kill for friendship, which he does. He looks suave and good on screen. And his role was catered well. He has done what was given to him, with ultimate ease.

Looking refreshing on screen is Parineeti Chopra. Though her role, Disha, is life-changer for Dev and pivotal for the plot, Pari’s screen time is limited. But even in the limited screen space, Pari just never disappoints. It would have been nicer to see more of firecracker Disha.


It was after a long time we got to see Shaad Ali helm the reins of the film. And he has done a good job so to say. Having given us films like Saathiya, Bunty and Babli and not-so-remembered Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, his latest offering Kill Dil is surely going to bring him back into action. In terms of direction the story falls into place. It is never easy to put old-wine-in-new-bottle type of story in front of the audiences, but Shaad has seasoned it well.

Writers Nitesh Tiwari, Shreyas Jain and Nikhil Mehrotra have done a decent deal in terms of story, but have fared too well in the dialogues department. The film has some really good dialogues to offer. Even in terms of cinematography, the movie latches onto.

The music of the film is talked affair. While the title track Kill Dil is making waves, so is the romantic number Sajde. The special highlight is the lyrics by Gulzar sahib. You would love the bits where he lends his voice to the narrative.

Watch or Not:

The film is light humored with killing all around, and is put together well. It has a normal story to tell and nothing is done over the bit. Just the story is a bit too stereotyped. It wouldn’t ideally be a never-seen-affair, but still is a watchable one. You shouldn’t miss Govinda and Ranveer’s natural acting. Watch K-K-K Kill Dil and groove!

Thumbs Up: Dialogues, good performances, music

Thumbs Down: Old wine in new bottle plot

Yawns: Not really

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