Kidnapper-rapist shot dead by police

The kidnapper, rapist and killer of a ten-year girl old girl and her seven-year old brother in Coimbatore was shot dead by the police early today.

The prime accused Mohanakrishnan, was shot while trying to escape police custody when police were taking him to the scene of crime at Angalakurichi in Tamil Nadu to reconstruct the incident. The Coimbatore police commissioner informed to a crowded press conference that the accused shot and injured a sub-inspector and the driver and threatened to kill. He added that the policemen were forced to kill him in self-defense. The second accused, Manoharan, has been taken to Angalakurichi where he re-enacted the crime.

The accused was working as a driver for businessman Ranjith Jain, and kidnapped his daughter Muskan and son Hrithik and took them to Manoharan’s place. They actually planned to get a ransom, but later raped the girl and threw the siblings in a nearby canal.

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