Kick Movie 4 Days Collections!

Kick nears the 100 crore mark in 4 days!


Salman Khan’s Kick has kicked in and is making a lot of moolah in the process. Salman Khan’s EID releases are bound to mark off new records at the Box Office. And Kick has just had new records to its name.

The film was the highest opener of the year with Rs.26.50 crores, Kick just kicked off on good note. On Day 2, it garnered Rs. 27.15 crores. On Sunday, pulling the crowd towards it, it got 30.18 crores to its name. Hence on opening weekend the movie collected Rs.83.83 crores nett at the Box Office,Though on Monday, the figures dropped down, but still we it went on and made business worth Rs. 14.20 crores, taking its total in four days to 98 crores approx.

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The film is bound to hit off the 100 crore mark on EID and we are hoping, there will be more and more records to his name.

We can now finally say, Salmania has gripped all!

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