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Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

What it’s all about?


The film ‘Kick’ is about a young man who always looks for some Kick is everything he does. He is restless and quits a job that fetches him 50 thousand rupees per month as he no longer get a ‘Kick’ from working in the company. He wants a Kick in friendship, Kick in work and Kick in love as well. What he does in life in his pursuit of ‘Kick’ is the story.


The plot:


Ileana is a rich a rich girl who lives in India with her sister at her uncle’s place. Her father is a rich businessman in Malaysia. Ileana meets Ravi Teja when she goes to help her friend to elope from home and get married. Ravi Teja is a rather quirky character who never does things in the normal fashion. He wants to get a ‘Kick’ out of everything he does.


Ravi Teja also expects to get a big ‘Kick’ with his love affair with Ileana. It goes fine between them for some time but they part ways as Ileana is fed up with the unpredictable and unstable nature of Ravi Teja.


Ileana goes to Malaysia and her father wants her to marry Syam, a high ranking police officer. Ileana and Syam get along well and they also decide to get married. However Syam has an unfinished task of nabbing a notorious robber. The robber in question is none other than Ravi Teja.


Ileana spots Ravi Teja in Malaysia but he acts as if he does not recognize her. Ravi Teja then acts as a memory loss patient who is undergoing treatment in Malaysia. Ileana wants to teach a lesson to Ravi Teja by bringing back his memory and then marrying Syam.


Why did Ravi Teja turn into a robber? Will Ileana succeed in her mission to teach a lesson to Ravi Teja. Can Syam nab Ravi Teja and if so, when and how?  Answers to all these questions can be found on the silver screen.


The actors:


The role in ‘Kick’ for Ravi Teja has been written keeping in mind his mannerism and image. So it is a cake walk for him. He comes up with his usual energy and punch dialogues and mannerism. Ileana plays the role of a rich girl who is a bit confused about her love with the hero. She does a good job and she also oozes charm and does enough exposing to make her fans happy.


Syam is a newcomer in Tollywood. He plays a cop and he carries the role with the right attitude. Brahmanandam has a fairly big role in the film and he regales the audience with his brand of comedy. Sayaji Shinde and Jayaprakash Reddy are adequate. Ali evokes laughter as a memory loss patient. He is a patient but acts like a doctor and his encounters with Ravi Teja and others lead to some comic scenes.


The music is okay but the story and screenplay do not offer anything new or novel.


The bottom line:

The heavy dose of sentiment in the end may be necessary to justify some of the acts of Ravi Teja but it dampens the mood of the audience to a considerable extent. Finally ‘Kick’ has all the commercial elements, action, romance, duets, an item song, big car chases, comedy, sentiment etc. However, it is not in the same league as some of Ravi Teja’s earlier films that were big hits. Kick is an average film.








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