Ki and Ka Review – Hey MCPs this movie is for you!

Rating: 4/5

Critic Rating: (4/5)

From the trailers and the movies Bollywood had fed, Ki and Ka might appear as a rom-com followed by a tiff and then a reconciliation. Fortunately Ki and Ka is not like that. It is neither a rom-com, nor there is a big fight nor there a dramatic reconciliation. Ki and Ka is much more beyond that. If rightly said then this is in an educative movie. The movie defines a MARD to both men and women.

Kareena and Arjun Kapoor in Ki and Ka
Kareena and Arjun Kapoor in Ki and Ka

Kia (Kareena Kapoor) is an ambitious, successful, hard-working corporate woman. She dreams big and consistently works towards it. A purely independent person who doesn’t want to end up being just a support system to a successful husband. At the same time, she is no feminist nor intentionally wants to be ahead of men. She just wants to give her best in the career. Destiny makes her meet Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) who is an IIM topper and son of multi-millionaire. Kabir however has an aversion to career, ambition and goals. His mother is role model for him as she had been the biggest support system by being a dutiful and sincere housewife. With such views, both of them feel that they are a perfect match where Kia has no obstructions in reaching greater heights of career and Kabir gets to do what he likes, i.e ‘Ghar ka dekh bal’. The rest of the movie is about how they lead their married life. No twists and No nonsense.

Director Balki can be trusted blindly for coming up with unconventional scripts especially the progressiveness factor in them. Right from the first scene of the film you can feel that. For instance, in a wedding party, Kia asked to join for a dance by a guy. She politely refuses. When the guy insists, she says she cannot join because its periods time. The concept of the film is as progressive. The movie doesn’t waste much time in spending the time on rom-com during the love-story phase. It quickly passes that phase and enters the main content. It delves into their life i.e how would the overall picture look like when the girl is totally focused on work and the guy is totally focused on the ‘ghar’.

Ki and Ka Movie Stills
Ki and Ka Movie Stills

The conversations between the lead pair are so well written with simple lines. They were delivered so naturally too. The age difference is clearly seen, but however Balki upfront establishes Kabir three years younger to Kia. Arjun Kapoor gives a matured performance. Would rate it probably the best of his so far. It’s a tough role which needs so much balance he absolutely nailed it without over-doing it anywhere. Kareena gets a relatively easy role though, and she was decent enough. Swaroop Sampat , who acted as Kareena’s mother has a good screen presence and so was Rajit Kapur who played a typical MCP (Male Chavunistic Pig).

The only drawback was on the sound part. It didn’t really have a great music and background score. However, it is totally compensated by the amazing conversations and scenes happening on the video side.

What makes the movie apart is the message it tries to give by not being dramatic or formulaic, but at its own pace and required moments. The beautiful message is that it’s not about Ki or Ka but it’s about Ki+Ka. This statement is vague but what exactly goes into making a good Ki+Ka, one should watch the movie.

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