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Critic Rating: (0.00/5)
The film despite having the electrifying pair of Ravi Teja and Ileana has failed to deliver the required goods to the audience. The story is highly confusing and unconvincing. The mass elements like songs and stunts too have little or no strength to sustain its spiraling downtrend in entertainment.  
A dreaded mafia leader (Lal) often loses the bet. He finds out that it is due to the police informers in his own empire. He wants to use the same technique with the police department. Have mafia informers in the home department! Based on the suggestion of his legal pundit (Biju Menon), his men kidnap a local thug Dasu (Ravi Teja). The modus operandi is set – Dasu will become educated and joins the police department as their mole. But, Dasu becomes a nail in Lal’s heels after becoming a police officer. The climax is naturally a bad time for the villain. 
Ravi Teja did his role with high velocity energy. It is an out and out action flick for Ravi Teja and at the same time there is lot of scope for him to prove his mettle in trivial things too. But, going by the title Khatarnak, it is a major disappointment as the film characterization stands nowhere near to the title.
Ileana’s characterization as teacher is not impressive. You do not have the appeal that she has delivered on the wall posters. In most scenes, she looks unglamorous. Though she shot to big fame with Devadas and Pokiri thanks to her hour glass structure, she did not give much stuff to the audience here. She lacks the masala treatment in the songs too. So, don’t expect anything when it comes to romance.There is no seriousness in Lal’s villainy. His very presence on the screen becomes a farce.Biju Menon (the villain of Ranam) played a legal advisor to the villain. He gets more footage than the villain. The way how he moves his strategy is illogical. 
Venu Madhav, who played “Puli” role, disappoints all. His characterization fails to give at least the minimum comedy.Ali played the colleague to teacher Ileana. Dharmavarapu played the role of Principal. You have nothing entertaining in Brahmanandam’s role.Kota Srinivasa Rao played hero’s father. This role is not at all necessary.Ankitha did a song with Ravi Teja. But for this, her role is not clear, though she appears on and often in the movie.
Technical Values 
Story, screenplay and direction by Amma Rajasekhar (of Ranam fame) are a misfire. The audience will find that their patience is being tested to the maximum level in the theatre. The direction is odd and utterly disappointing. To watch the middle-aged hero appearing the 10th class and becoming a police officer is ridiculous. In several comedy scenes, you find pin drop silence in the theatre. Music by MM Keeravani too fails to sustain the sagging spirit of the audience in the theatres. Background music too is equally poor. Songs are average to pale. Dialogues are insipid. Fights are not handled in the real Ravi Teja style. Dependence on special effects ruined the real punch. It is clear lifting from Hollywood and Bollywood stunt sequences. 
The movie is opened to terrific collections but generated a big non-performer talk on the very opening day.
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