Khaidi Trying Hard to Beat Baahubali?

It looks like megastar Chiranjeevi is trying hard to make his comeback film ‘Khaidi No.150’ look much bigger than ‘Baahubali’ in terms of pre-release business.

Khaidi No 150 vs Baahubali
Khaidi No 150 vs Baahubali

After cracking the highest ever overseas deal for a Telugu film, Khaidi No.150 has now pocketed a higher price than that of Baahubali for the Vizag distribution rights as well. Latest reports revealed that rights of megastar’s film have been bought for an All-Time record amount of Rs 7.70 crores where ‘Baahubali’ rights of the same area were sold for Rs 7.20 Cr.

The distribution rights of Guntur are also being sold Rs 6.50 Cr, which is another record deal. The total Andhra pre-release business of Baahubali was Rs 30 crore but Khaidi is looking to go past it by making deal worth Rs 32 Cr.

Insane amounts are being quoted for ‘Khaidi No.150’ rights, and the distributors will lose a big if the film doesn’t receive a positive talk on the D-Day.

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