Kevvu Keka Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

Allari Naresh comes back to the audience after his last flicsk, Sudigaadu and Action 3D, which managed to perform averagely at Box Office. The comedy king teams up with Blade Babji director Devi Prasad for yet another comical instalment, Kevvu Keka. However, much to the disappointment of Allari fans, Kevvu Keka fails miserably both in terms of the story and comical punches. The film has nothing much to offer except a great trying to make people laugh with a routine plot.

The film revolves around one Buchi Raju (Allari Naresh) who works in a Kalamandir Showroom. One day, Buchi Raju sees a beautiful girl called Maha Lakshmi (Sharmila Mandre) come into the showroom to shop. He falls in love instantly with her. Maha Lakshmi turns out to be a daughter of none other than Subba Rao (M S Narayana), a richest man in the city wanting a richer groom for his daughter. When Buchi Raju confronts Subba Rao to ask for Maha Lakshmi’s hand, the latter refuses, making Buchi Raju desperate to become rich and get the girl. The rest of the story is all about how he does that.

Like most routine comedies with romantic twist, the film has a predictable ending. The narration and screenplay both drag at most places, making the audience impatient. The comedy punches, trademark assets of any Allari Naresh film, simply fail to make an impact. Krishna Bhagawan, who will be seen in an important role, doesn’t keep up much either. Aashish Vidhyarthi plays a negative role that people are familiar with. Allari Naresh manages to put up a good performance despite all the other loopholes in the movie. The music by Chinni Charan doesn’t create any remarkable impression with the listeners.

All in all, Kevvu Keka doesn’t promise much to the viewer except boredom and yawn.

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