Kerintha Movie Review

Rating: 2/5

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Kerintha Lead Cast
Kerintha Lead Cast

Kerintha Movie Review: A combination of Happy Days, 3 idiots and what not!

What happens when youngsters are left in a world to rediscover themselves, find their true love while standing on their feet? They make mistakes, learn and grow. This concept for a movie is always refreshing, set in a college-campus, there are always color shedding on scripts. Movies like Happy Days and 3 Idiots were one of their kind, and Kerintha is another attempt trying out this route. What has it achieved?


Kerintha revolves around three couples attending a college together. The first half of the movie is quite delightful because…who doesn’t love a little youthful fun and comedy? The story goes into details of how the three couples find each other, love and lose. Complications arise in their relationships when their bubbles burst. Finally, the story is about how they couples part ways to achieve what they want in life and how they reunite with an essential component of their life—love.

Plus points:

1. The lead cast: Sumanth Ashwin as Jai and Sri Divya as Manaswini delivered engaging performances with exuberance and portrayed their characters adeptly. Even the other couples, who are debutants, have surpassed the test of their acting skills by giving out fresh performances for a movie like this.

2. Music: Songs composed by Mickey J Meyer save this movie. They are chirpy, in sync with the mood and add up the color quotient that is much needed by the movie.

Minus points:

Kerintha Movie Actors
Kerintha Movie Actors

1. Screenplay and Editing: The movie is unnecessarily long and various scenes from the movie could have been cut by the editing team. This acts like a major drawback as audience tend to lose the essence of the film.

2. Narration: Narration by Sai Kiran Adivi fails to impress us as we can not only predict where the movie is heading but also are waiting for it to end due to the lack of captivating scenes or major turning points. Everything in the movie is a dragged saga.


3. Gist of other movies: Kerintha all in all seems like a bad mash up song of all songs from a year, except it’s a mash up of movies and last more than two hours.


It’s a definite no-go. You’d rather re-watch your own favorite movie than watch Kerintha with a repeated story-line and devoid of a central plot. The story is a more run-on than a planned execution of work. The film makes you lose the plot with many of its loopholes and forced nature of preaching which will only bore you.

“Kerintha will ALMOST make you feel interested, but an almost is NEVER enough.”

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