Keeravani Rejects a Biopic

MM Keeravani is the star music composer in the film industry who has a demand. Balakrishna approached him for the music of NTR biopic and Keeravani immediately came on board. Meanwhile, during the recent interviews, Keeravani opened up that he rejected a biopic.

Keeravani Biopic
Keeravani Biopic

“When we are doing a biopic, we should not move away from the reality. A director approached me with the proposal of doing a biopic on one of the famous persons in Telugu. I asked him how is he going to show his death. It should either be a controversial death or a natural death. But he said that he has some other idea on mind. Immediately, I rejected the project saying that I am not interested to do the project.” said Keeravani.

Everyone is curious to know which project is Keeravani referring to.

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