I keep my fans far from me: Claims Aravind Swamy

Veteran hero turned villain Aravind Swamy says that he hates fan following for actors and he keeps himself far from fans. This hero has got his own reasons for doing so.

I keep my fans far from me
I keep my fans far from me

Any actor enjoys fan following and they often interact with their fan groups for all their love. But Aravind Swamy maintains his own distance. This hero who is in his late forties still enjoys huge female fan base in Southern India. But he doesn’t like it at all. Aravind Swami explained that when he became famous after Roja’s release, a teenager has written a love letter with blood. Not only getting angry, he did reply her harshly and asked her to focus on her life and career rather than on him.

Finally, Aravind has once requested to the entire fans. He asks them to enjoy movies, but he doesn’t want them to waste their time on fan wars and her worships. He advises them to focus on their lives and future.

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