Kedi Movie Review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

What is all about?

The film Kedi is all about the regular elements of friendship, love and action. The film is all about a card game on which the lives of many depend! The climax of the film deals with how Kedi (Nagarjuna) emerges the winner in the game.

The Plot:

Ramesh (Nagarjuna) is an orphan in Guntur and he faces many problems in his childhood and story begins with the childhood friends Ramesh and Janaki. Ramesh develops love with Janaki from childhood itself. Nagarjuna plays the role of ‘Ramesh’ who is fondly called as ‘Rummy’.Janaki tells Rummy that he should get name and fame in society and must also earn good money then she would be ready to marry him.Rummy agrees to that and then he gets into gambling, in no time, he becomes a very wealthy person but then he nails only those people who became rich by wrong route and wins them in the gambling.His movements are closely watched by the ACP Sekhar(Sayaji Shinde) but despite several attempts, he fails to catch Rummy. Meanwhile, Chandra (Ankur) who runs a pub gets close to Rummy and manages to have a smuggling deal with him. In the meanwhile, in Goa, Rummy wins the heart of Nadia(Linda) as he saves her sister Sara (Paula) from a cruel man called Victor. Linda proposes to Rummy but he negates it.


However, Rummy turns her proposal down and he is helped in his ventures by Sandhya(Mamatha).Who is Sandhya and what happened to Janaki? Is Rummy successful in his goal? All this forms the rest of the story and the suspense revealed in the climax.


The Actors:

Nagarjuna is looking much younger and fresh than before and he has done justice to his job.


Mamatha Mohandas was gorgeous but she might be a disappointment for the glamour lovers since her role doesn’t have any oomph factor.


Sayaji Shinde was as usual, Harshavardhan was hilarious, Brahmanandam was superb but he could have been better, Ankur is outstanding, the others didn’t have much to offer.


Cinematography is good. Background score was weak.


You will notice director Kiran’s lack of experience.


Bottom line:

Movie First half and second half go in similar tone with entertainment. The film is ideally an entertainer and so the plot runs on a very thin line, but over all Kedi is an Entertainer with a perfect screen play and it fares well with charisma of Nagarjuna in it. You can watch this film without any hesitation. This film is more of a time pass movie but not an exciting movie.

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