KCR warns of Maha Yuddham

The TRS president, Mr K. Chandrasekhar Rao, asserted that a Maha Yuddham (great war) will be inevitable to achieve a separate Telangana state after December 31. He asked voters to defeat the “traitors of Telangana” in the bypolls and elect pro T-representatives to the 12 Assembly constituencies.

Seeking the support of Telangana students to achieve the goal, he said that the TRS students’ wing will be trained before they go into battle and a mammoth Vidyarthi Garjana will be held for over five lakh students before December 31.

“Unless we open the third eye, we will not get Telangana. Students are the backbone of our movement. Certain Telangana leaders have become stooges of Andhra leaders and extend support to the Samaikhya Andhra movement,” alleged Mr Rao.

“TD leaders said they will resign if the Congress does. They also said that they will not contest if the Congress leaders stay away. If that’s the way it is, why doesn’t the TD just merge with the Congress,” Mr Rao quipped.

Mr Rao said that unlike Telangana, Andhra leaders were more united. “The Telugu Desam leader, Ms Rajkumari, kisses Congress MP, Mr Lagdapati Rajagopal. Now liquor money is being used to fund polls to suppress Telangana movement.”

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