KCR Fired on Gunasekhar for Rudhramadevi

KCR Rudhramadevi Gunasekhar

Director Gunasekhar is putting all his efforts for the film “Rudhramadevi”, which is getting ready for the release soon. Gunasekhar is also planning to launch the audio of the film in both AP and Telangana states on March 21st and 22nd simultaneously, three songs from the movie will be released on 21st March in Vizag and another 3 songs will be released on 22nd March in Warangal.

The movie is made based on the story of Rudhramadevi, who is a queen of Kakatiya Dynasty. Director Gunasekhar expecting entertainment tax exemption for Rudhramadevi movie in Telangana state because KCR also gives priority to promote the Telangana’s history and culture, so the movie is also a kind of it so expecting tax exemption. He is also planning to invite both the Telugu states Chief Ministers for the audio launch events in their states.

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Recently Gunasekhar went to KCR to invite him for the audio release function in Telangana and he showed the trailer of the film also to KCR. Now the buzz is that KCR disturbed after seeing the trailer because in that trailer will have a dialogue “Oka Thalli Paalu Thaagina Vallandaru Annadhammulaithe. Oke Neellu Thaagi Brathikevallantha Annadhammulu, Akkachellellu kaalema“, which irked KCR. He felt that the dialogue seems to be against the cause of Telangana state formation, so he expressed his anger on Gunasekhar.

So, Gunasekhar is worrying now because KCR has not given any confirmation about the tax exemption for Rudhramadevi movie. However, Gunasekhar will have to give the clarification about the truth behind this news.

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