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Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Budding filmmakers think love genre as a optimum guarantee genre for getting exposure or scoring a hit. Many filmmakers previously had debuted through love stories and are debuting through love stories now. Be it a childhood village love story or a love story set in city or some other type, what makes difference is how audience embrace it. Love stories coming out these days seem to be typecasted following the same routine formulaic way. We have another love story mixed with emotional aspects of money and thrilling aspects released today titled “Kavvintha” directed by Vijay Chowdary Tripuraneni, produced by Puvvala Srinivasa Rao under Anjani Movies. Let’s see how it works on us.

A Still from Kavvintha
A Still from Kavvintha


Sreenu (Vijay Datla) is a village living useless guy (as his father) thinks. He loves his sister in law Rani (Deeksha Panth) and wants to marry her. They both love each other but parents of Rani don’t agree to marry their daughter with his unsettled lover and brother in law Sreenu. Frustrated by this Sreenu, robs a house where his father (L B Sreeram) works and get caught by his own father and is thrown out of the house. Knowing this Rani says she only want to see Sreenu happy and not as a robber or a bad guy and goes away. Parallelly, another story of Sarkar who plans to turn fake currency in his hands to original has a data in a pendrive. His gang loses it. What Sreenu do after his breakup?? What happened to the pendrive?? How Sreenu and Sarkar solve their problems? Answers to this questions forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Newcomer Vijay Dharan Datla did an average job as compared to many newcomers as a main lead. He tried his level best to live up to the character. Deeksha Panth did good job. Though she is limited for songs only. She looks glamorous on screen in village outfits. LB Sriram did a good job as father of hero. Dhanraj, Naveen Neni, Shakalaka Shankar and others tried to generate laughter but fails as the scenes written for them are of outdated comedy. The one who did as a villain is good. He performed well in his role.

Kavvintha Poster
Kavvintha Poster

Writing Department

Plot line of the story by Vijay Chowdary Tripuraneni is nice. It is a village romantic comedy mixed with thrilling elements. Scenes written to generate laughter seem to be outdated and pale. Screenplay written for the movie is average. Audience gets bored easily with pale comedy and lagging screenplay. Dialogues by Nivas are average. Conflicts written are old but good. Overall, it’s an not so good attempt.

Technical Departments

Sunil Kashyap, who is going places with his combo with Puri Jagannadh, scored music for this movie. His work is just average and songs scored by him cannot be remembered after the movie. Background music by Y.P.Chaitanya is good. What depth lacks in scenes and movie is somehow added by his background score. Karthik Ghattamaneni, who is in great demand for low and medium budgeted movies worked as cinematographer for this movie. He tried his best to show brilliant visuals with what he was given. He covered village locales in a superb way. Editing by Madhu G Reddy is average. Action choreographed by Joshua is good. Production values are good.


Village locations
Plot line




First half begins with Sarkar, negative protagonist planning to exchange his fake currency with original one’s. After this it shifts to a village of Sreenu and love scenes between him and his sister in law are shown with two back to back songs and many comedy scenes involving Dhanraj, Naveen Neni, Satya which fails to entertain. It ends with a break up of hero and heroine. Second half begins with emotions connected with money and a song about the monetary differences created by god among people. It goes and goes in search of pendrive by Sarkar. To sum up, doesn’t live upto its title.

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