Kaushal Army Reveals Kaushal’s Original Character

Kaushal is the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu TV show for the second season. The way he emerged as a star during the TV’s telecast is something that no one has ever imagined. Kaushal’s supporters were formed into fan groups with the name Kaushal Army and paved a way for his success. Now, Kaushal Army turned against him claiming that he is exploiting the supporters and fans for money.

Kaushal Army Fires on Kaushal
Kaushal Army Fires on Kaushal

With clear pieces of evidence regarding the same, Kaushal supporters participated in a debate programme held by a popular TV news channel. The supporters said that Kaushal uses the fans for money and never really sheds money out of his pockets. Apparently, Kaushal is also said to have demanded money for fan-organized programmes. He is said to have charged lakhs of rupees for his comfortable stays in luxury hotel rooms.

The fans also shared an Audio clip where Kaushal is seen indirectly provoking the fans to troll the opponents. Kaushal is said to have made plans to make his political entry by making his wife contest for Parliament from Bapatla and he contesting for Assembly from Vizag. Kaushal’s plan was to carry the political assignments with the money from supporters.

With the latest happenings that exposed Kaushal’s real behavior, all those who were the target of abuse are feeling happy now.

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