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A rotten tale, the story begins with Sriram (Srikanth) who believes in hard work and is a loyal employee. He is actually an IT professional and his employer happens to be the kind hearted and fun loving Ranga Rao (Kota). Apparently, Ranga Rao has an important business commitment and so he has to go abroad for about ten days. In this process, he asks Sriram to take care of his home in his absence. Sriram reaches home and begins to treat everyone at home like his own family members and takes care of all their needs. Meanwhile, in comes Supraja (Charmy) from her hostel on her vacation and she is followed by many others who come with some excuse or the other linking themselves to Ranga Rao. As expected, Sriram is sweet enough to accommodate everyone’s ideas and this impresses Supraja who falls in love with Sriram for his nature. Ranga Rao returns from his trip and much to everyone’s surprise, he announces the marriage of Supraja and Sriram. However, one of the doctors who is present says that Sriram is already married. Is it really true? What is the background of Sriram? What happens to Supraja’s love? Who is Kausalya? All this forms the rest of the story.




The director has come out with a stale plot and true to its story, the presentation was pathetic and the narration was at a snail pace. The script was weak and the screenplay was strictly average, the music was not upto the mark and the cinematography was barely okay. Editing was required on a major scale and the other departments need no mention here. Srikanth was as youthful as ever and he looks quite energetic and young in his performance, Charmi on other hand looked quite slim and did her bit to fulfill the glamour aspect. Gauri looked really beautiful but then her scope for performance was limited due to the weak role, even she did her bit to give some visual feast. Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, Siva Reddy and L B Sriram were grossly underutilized. The saving grace for the film was some witty moments from Krishna Bhagawan. The others were hardly effective in their contributions.




One really fails to understand how the makers thought that such a old woven tale will actually keep the audience engaged. While the first half of the film takes off on a lazy mode and even before the interval, the end looks imminent. The second half is one testing time for the audience with its share of sentimental overdose and melodramatic situations. The pace of the movie was going through tortoise speed and by no means was the film having an element of appeal and attraction. Commercially, the movie will sink without a trace due to the very weak subject and amateur presentation. – (bharatstudent)

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