Katti Movie Review

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

It is…
Another bull’s eye no-brainer from Kalyan Ram’s production house, starring Kalyan Ram.


This is what I usually find to be the most difficult part of reviewing Telugu films. Sort of kills my interest to finish the work at hand with every ‘plot’ passage seeming like a near clone of the other.


Anyways, the film kicks off with Rama Krishna (Kalyan Ram) emerging out of a pool of water holding a mighty sword. He kills a few guys (sounds so normal, “kills a few guys”. Had become such a review cliché) and takes the news to his master who instead of appreciating the fact, stabs our beloved hero and the film moves back 6 months with a voice over which sort of tells us that “this film is going to be like every other boring flop I’ve made and you can sit through it if you feel like you deserve more than a 10 minute show for what you’ve paid”.


Moving on, Rama Krishna has a lovable family and the mischievous little sister is the more important character. Rama Krishna had always corrected her little misdeeds and helped her by beating up people or convincing dad or paying thousands in cash to random characters. What happens when the little sis marries a man from the faction based Kurnool district and how our Telugu hero corrects her biggest mistake is the film. I know.


What’s good?
The patience and the willingness people have to make such films.


It does take a brave man to commit to such stereotypical stupidity. Cheers to the crew.


What’s wrong, basically?
Most of the people who’ve worked on this film are trying to make a fortune in the wrong line of work.


The atmosphere our films have created for themselves in which a commercial hit has only ONE method. And even after repeated failures, people still strongly believe in that method to be their ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.


Our formula film writers come up with this main outline which might actually work out for a 5 minute short, but, to stretch it up to more than 2 hours. That’s when they start filling up with these feel good scenes (which make you sick), fights (you are least interested about), songs (that are no good) and humor (you hardly take notice of).


Kalyan Ram tries (again) to show some acting skills which he has none of.


And the rest of the cast, don’t ask. You know what they all do on a routine basis. It’s like they have some sort of boring clerical job.


Kalyan Ram was making this big speech at the ‘Simha’ audio function after watching the trailers. And he made this exactstatement: “How is that somebody just fell down for uncle’s (Bala Krishna’s) punch, people should just DIE when uncle punches”.


And he was saying this with so much conviction that you can see that he really meant what he said.


Now, the mind that spoke those words picked this film’s script, produced it and acted in it. I guess you can form your own verdict from that.

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