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Katti Batti Review: Kangana-Imran’s film fares decently

The film Team Katti Batti promoted and the film painted on the silver screen are quite different. Said to be a rom-com circling around live-in relationship, the film on the screen was somewhat on those lines but with a twist. Now if you are wondering what is that twist, then we can hint at Kangana’s character and not at Imran’s.

Kangana Ranaut in Katti Batti
Kangana Ranaut in Katti Batti

The non-committal girl who upholds her live-in-ationship and then disappears from her lover’s life suddenly points at the girl being wrong. But until we discover her reasons for doing so, it is a mixed bag of snooze and fun. Snooze as it brings nothing new but refurbished methods and fun because there are some parts of the film that are good in humor.

Imran and Kangana’s chemistry does fare well but the ultimate spark went missing. The film is a modern take on matters of the heart. But if you have seen many love stories then you might find nothing as brand new. Well, speaking of love stories in the west.

The film is a mish-mash of Love&Other Drugs, The Fault In Our Stars, Love Story, A Walk to Remember and a whole lot of films where the girl pushes away people as she discovers her fate. I am sure, if you have guessed by now, then yes there is a terminal disease lurking in the plot.

Star Performances:

Kangana Ranaut is good with what she does, she knows her art. Not only does she look good on the screen, but acts good too. There is more to her character than to the surface. More depth and reasons. Somewhere deep within the cold exterior, lies a girl who wants to be loved and cherished but is afraid to reach out. But then what happens to her will touch you emotionally on a certain level.

Imran Khan in Katti Batti
Imran Khan in Katti Batti

Imran Khan is quite after a really long time. He is easy on the screen and bids adieu to over acting. His performance is quite matured and plays the role of a guy smitten by his ladylove really well. When all told him to forget the girl, he is adamant to the girl.

Others stars do their part and it isn’t overdone in any way.


Now what goes wrong in the film is the loose ends. There are places where you’d question what is happening. Oh! Wait! No you won’t actually as the plot is kind of predictable. The film is mostly all over the place. The film in the first half is in-and-out of flashback. And the last chunk of the film is done really well. Before that it is mostly seen-that feeling. But yes the dialogues are good.

This Nikhil Advani directorial doesn’t manage to nail the concept it set out to. The film is capable of so much more. But then there is a certain likeability factor to the film which you cannot deny. The film isn’t great, but is good, that too in parts.

Watch or not:

One time watch, is recommended. But the shelf life of the film isn’t that long. The film should have a more close-knit plot but there is a certain charm to it. Katti Batti will fare decently at the box-office. But do watch it for the fresh Jodi.

Thumbs up: Quirky moments

Thumbs Down: glitches in the plot

Yawns: A few

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