Katrina Kaif’s secret diet for Dhoom3

Katrina Kaif in Dhoom3

Everybody went ga ga over Katrina’s chiseled, athletic looks in Dhoom3. Now, how about knowing some of the secrets of the actress who manages to look so fabulously fit.

Here is the secret diet of Katrina Kaif that was leaked recently. Looking at the list, we sure know that it is one of those perfect diets to go lean, not to forget fit.

Dhoom 3 diet for Katrina Kaif


  • Brown bread with peanut butter or pancakes (carbs and fats)
  • One glass low fat milk
  • Two boiled eggs white portion only (protein)


  • Green salad with low fat dressing (fibre)
  • Brown rice (carbs)
  • Grilled fish (protein)


Fruits and digestive biscuits


Anything light other than carbs

So, go ahead and try this killer diet right away!

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