Katrina Kaif sex scandal rocks

The clip doing the rounds in the cyberspace, wherein Katrina Kaif is stripping down to bikini, and then enjoying sex with a number of men present in the room.

Of course, she is Katrina Kaif’s lookalike and not the original bollywood diva, who is, obviously, disturbed by such acts on the net. The clip shows her wearing Indian jewelry, and lo and behold, she starts removing them in right earnest.

In no time, the beautiful babe in the clip is down to her bare two piece minimum and then proceeds to perform the act. The porn sites and other portals that have been playing the clip are receiving innumerable hits in the name of Katrina Kaif, as the actress is undoubtedly one of the most popular figures on the internet.

However, sources close to Katrina are very upset with all such things and blame the perverts who indulge in such things to get cheap publicity. However, the debate has already started on the net about the authenticity or otherwise of the clip.

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