Katrina is single now!

Twenty six–year–old Katrina Kaif has finally ended her relationship with the mercurial Salman Khan, 46, this year. They parted ways many times before.

But now one can conclusively say that the love game is over. Katrina and Sallu have ended the seven–year long relationship. Kat, who was always scared to admit this, as she feared Salman’s clout in the industry would jeopardise her career, has decided to admit this to Mumbai Mirror.

The actress, however, refuses to clarify as to when the split happened. "I wouldn’t like to specify when. That’s between the two of us. It just happened. That doesn’t mean we look the other way when we see one another. There’s no bitterness between us."

But the fact of the matter is that Salman and Katrina ceased to exist as a couple long ago. And if she chose to remain quiet on the subject it was because she thought it was improper to talk about her personal relationship in public. Only now has the actress gathered the courage to face the truth.

A close friend of Katrina’s reveals, "She was close not just to Salman but his family as well. Even after their relationship ended she never stopped caring for him and his family. On their part, the family members too did not stop looking out for her. To this day, Katrina remains close to Salman’s sister Alvira. That will never change."

This is precisely why everyone was confused about the status of the Katrina-Salman relationship. But now matters have reached a stage where Katrina has taken a stand.

Says Katrina, "The question on the status of our relationship seems to bother everyone around. Enough said on the topic. There is so much that’s happening in my life now. I just want to concentrate on my career."


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