Katrina ignores security

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is said to be becoming a security hazard to herself, and her latest disregard for all rules of self-preservation takes the cake.

On Monday morning when Katrina was required to fly to Bangalore for an event with her Raajneeti co-star Ranbir Kapoor, she just hopped into a taxi with her hand-luggage and took off. Much to the shock of the cabbie who had no clue about the ‘star’ passenger he was carrying until he looked into his rear view mirror.

"But what’s the big deal about hopping into a cab to rush to the airport? Thousands of girls do it all the time. What’s there to get hyper? My driver was late because he got caught in a traffic snarl," said Katrina, 25.

"If I had waited any more, I would’ve missed my flight. So I waved for a cab hopped in and zipped off."

While Katrina cracks up at the recollection of the moment when the cabbie spotted her in the rear, her Raajneeti crew were far from amused when they saw her hop out of a cab unaccompanied.

Ranbir and director Prakash Jha were seen soundly ticking her off for her disregard for security rules.

Releasing on June 4, multi-starrer Raajneeti is a dark political thriller that will highlight behind-the-scenes happenings in the corridors of power.

In fact, Katrina has always disregarded security threats.

Some time ago when hordes of young and old people had descended on her at a public gathering, she had fobbed off the security arrangements made by the organisers, arguing: "They love me. They can never harm me."

The actress has been indulging in such reckless security-adventures much too often these days. According to a close friend, she takes off on her own, usually accompanied by her trusted driver and no other companion just for a spin far away to drive off loneliness.

What concerns people close to Katrina is her utter obliviousness to obvious security dangers.

"Katrina doesn’t realise the effect that her solitary presence in crowded places can have on people. Hopping into a cab early morning in Mumbai when there are no cops around is just not done. But she refuses to believe anyone would harm her," a close friend said.

The British actress lives on her own here and her latest adventure-ride to the airport on her own has left her family far from amused.
Her youngest sister Isabel, who has been studying cinema in the US, may cut short her acting course to join Katrina in Mumbai.

It seems Katrina’s days of zipping off on her own are nearing an end, thanks to the timely intervention of her family. (IANS)

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