Kathi vs Kona’s War Goes Viral On Social Media

The film activist Mahesh Kathi is not restricting himself from criticising Pawan Kalyan. Every day, he is tweeting something or the other which is an oppose to the actor cum politician. A lot of his fans are abusing Kathi but he is still continuing making comments.

Kathi vs Kona Twitter War
Kathi vs Kona Twitter War

“When people are attacking my personal life, I have every right to criticise him for the behaviours being shown by his fans. Many are thinking that I am doing this for getting fame and a few are telling that I am being backed by a political party which is untrue,” said Kathi Mahesh.

“Some Jokers are taking the silence of @PawanKalyan for granted… don’t….” tweeted Kona Venkat last night and it indicates that his comments are a counter to Mahesh Kathi’s latest criticism on Pawan Kalyan.

Mahesh Kathi tweeted, “Each word used against me towards my character assassination will only bring Pawan Kalyan’s political wipeout nearer. Be warned!” and added, “It is common that a Joker is supporting another. Maintaining silence is a clever person’s weapon but some people are unnecessarily barking and making Pawan feel embarrassed.”

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